100% Sealed Waterproof Pouch for Smartphone

100% Sealed Waterproof Pouch for Smartphone

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  • 17.5cm x 10.5cm - Fits All Kinds of Phones (iPhone, Android, etc.)
  • Loop for securing to clips or tying to wrist (clips/ties not included)
  • Comes in four colors - Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink
  • Easy to use dual-locking knobs
  • Operate touchscreen through bag, even when submerged
  • Glow-in-the-dark color lining
  • Useful for boating, surfing, swimming, fishing, and more
  • Text underwater! Take pictures! Or simply use to protect your device.

Please test before placing device in bag- seal bag with a tissue and place in water. We are not responsible for damaged devices.

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